Law and Economics Working Papers

Economics Working Paper Archive - this is the primary place to submit law and economics working papers if you wish to reach a large audience. An e-mail, including the abstract of the paper, will be sent out to over 10,000 scholars. Developed by Professors Bob Parks and Larry Blume as a free service for the entire Internet community. Law and Economics Working Papers are listed here .

List of Law and Economics Papers on the Net  

University Law Review Project - e-mail of recent legal article abstracts. Law and Economics Articles are included in the Legal Theory category. A free service.

NetEc - includes Information on printed working papers on (BibEc), Data about electronic working papers on (WoPEc), Code for Economics and Econometrics on (CodEc), World Wide Web resources in Economics on (WebEc), Select Resources in Business Administration (BizEc) and Home Pages in Economics on HoPEc.

Law and Economics Working Papers School Sites

Legal Scholarship Network . e-mails abstracts of legal working papers, including Law and Economics working papers. Pay Service.

Tim Stanley's Law and Economic Papers

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